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Blogs about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including: Mediation, Collaborative Law/Divorce, and Arbitration.

The Pros and Cons of the Collaborative Divorce Process

If you have questions about the collaborative divorce process, it’s important to speak with an experienced family law attorney before moving forward.

By:Russell J. Frank, Esq.| December 21, 2016 | (0) Comments |

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Divorcing couples struggle with the cost of divorce, and, as such, are tempted by a do-it-yourself divorce. This article poses five questions couples should ask themselves before embarking on that risky step.

Feeling like a Fool in Your Marriage? You May Be Experiencing an Amygdala Hijack

Feeling like a fool – in not seeing your relationship as a disaster – is an amygdala hijack emotion. Not a fact. First, quiet your critical voice. Second, get your neocortex back online. Then decide.

Does Your Family Need a Mediator?

Families in conflict can benefit greatly from hiring a mediator and using mediation as a way to resolve conflict and navigate family challenges. Mediation can be used to avoid or manage a divorce.

7 Ways to Keep Costs Down During Divorce

Divorce has a way of pulling the rug out from under you, even if you are the one who initiated the divorce. However, education, planning and rational thinking can help curb the financial impact.

By:Donna M. Cheswick| December 07, 2015 | (0) Comments |

5 Co-Parenting Tips from a Divorced Divorce Attorney

Co-parenting after a divorce is never easy. Get some insight on how to successfully co-parent and keep a positive relationship with your children with these tips.

By:Eddie Stephens| October 28, 2015 | (0) Comments |

Getting a Divorce in Your Underpants?

Services to obtain a "quick and easy" divorce online are popping up across the internet.  But are these services viable?  For some, the answer is yes. For most, the answer is no. 

By:David Wilkinson| October 14, 2015 | (0) Comments |

Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?

In mediation, a neutral third party, chosen by the parties, facilitates conversations that address all issues of divorce. Mediation is non-binding unless a mutually agreeable settlement is reached.  Unlike litigation, the parties, not a judge, control the outcome.  This can have great appeal to couples that want creative solutions pertaining to their particular needs.  Also appealing is the proceedings are private and are not a matter of public record.  This is again in contrast to litigation, which is public.

By:Nicole Gussick| October 02, 2015 | (0) Comments |

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