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Liane Geoffrion

Liane Geoffrion

Liane Geoffrion was born in 1945 in Valleyfield, Quebec. Her life has not been boring as she studied and raised a family alone for many years after her first divorce. At 63, going through another divorce, she ran out of money to pay for lawyers and was forced to represent herself in Family Court. She was scared, and alone but had no choice in the matter; she was fighting to secure her future. She persevered and finally went from feeling like a victim to becoming an empowered woman in control of her life. She succeeded in the biggest battle of her life and has now made it her mission to share the many tips and resources she has gathered along the way.

Her message of survival is a positive one. It is about determination and courage, which she hopes will help others on similar journeys. In her recently published book Divorce Prep: Self-Help Guide, she offers practical suggestions and resources for going through a contested divorce. Her book is based on her own experience and gives examples of what can happen to someone who is not well prepared for a difficult divorce. Liane is also an artist, a musician, and the author of Joyful at Last! A Memoir. She is retired and lives in Long Sault, Ontario.

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