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Kat Forsythe MSW

Kat Forsythe MSW

For more than 25 years, my passion has been helping people navigate the turbulent waters of life, especially divorce. Together, my clients, readers and I strategize, rediscover, redesign and reclaim the life they want to live – based on their own strengths and my practical, no-nonsense 6 tiered plan. I’m a speaker and seminar leader (both in person and on my website), an author, a therapist and coach. My most important job is writing. I devote a major part of my day to it. The art of the written word – the content we provide, through blogs, social media, newsletters and books are our lifelines to clients crying out for help, inspiration, or facts about divorce. After my own brutal divorce after 33 years of marriage, I refocused my professional life, and directed my experience and my strengths to helping others through the psycho-social tangles of the divorce journey. My coaching is unique. I’m able to see the big picture of a client’s divorce experience from both sides, personally and professionally. I had to recreate a new life for myself when the gavel came down in my life. I’ve also witnessed the havoc of divorce on others whom I’ve coached corporately and individually. I know the fears, the hurts, the highs, the lows of divorce. I also know the magical healing that takes place as he/she works to the other side and starts a new life with the appropriate help, offering coaching, groups, attorneys, spirituality, attitude, confidence, and medical help when needed. I’ve worked with family law/divorce attorneys, estate planning attorneys, and other mental health professionals to help folks start anew. In fact, as we speak, our Divorce Boot Camp for women only is happening October 22; a divorce attorney, an asset protection attorney, and myself – the divorce coach  will be providing a fresh look at empowering women during the divorce journey ( ). I’ve had professional preparation, as well. I draw from my MSW (Masters in Social Work), my years as a communication, sexuality and relationship therapist, my years as a sales trainer in corporate America, and my years providing seminars on communication skills to attorneys concerning the psycho-social aspects of divorce.

For 5 years, I was a communications consultant to Cincinnati Bar Association, training lawyers on sensitive client communication concerning personal issues (divorce, relationships, sexuality). I coached neurosurgeons on patient communication concerning personal issues (divorce, relationships, sexuality) post-surgery at the Mayfield Neurological Institute. For 25 years, I worked as coach, therapist, and relationship expert specializing in divorce recovery, sexuality, and strategies for starting over. For 19 years, I did this concurrently with lawyer coaching and my corporate sales training. From 2007 to today, 2015, my entire business focus is on divorce recovery and life change strategy. I spent 5 years facilitating educational and support program in San Francisco for women only around divorce/relationship/sexuality issues, entitled Sex On The Porch. This will soon be offered on my website in call-in chat version. I have also contributed to Huffington Post as a blogger (divorce, over 50).

I am the author of Sexperienced: Guide for the Seasoned Woman Seeking New Possibilities (2011), Exhale MidLife Body Blues: 6 steps to Loving Your Body at Midlife and Beyond (2013), A Move Unbecoming A Princess. My own inspirational and hope-giving memoir of my cataclysmic divorce and the wild journey afterwards - from chaos to normalcy (Feb 2016).

Credentials include:

  • AB University of Michigan with concentration in human social behavior and communications
  • MSW (Master of Social Work) University of Cincinnati with a concentration in adult sexuality and relationships after 50
  • Post-graduate studies San Francisco State University - sexuality and human relationship behavior
  • University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine – facilitator for MD interns - how to talk to patients about personal issues (divorce, relationships, sexuality).

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