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Karen Kristjanson

Karen Kristjanson

<p><strong>Karen L. Kristjanson</strong>, MSc, MA, is a professional life coach, writer, and member of Leading Women for Shared Parenting. A co-parent herself, she has over 30 years&rsquo; experience supporting adults tackling change, to help them both survive and grow.</p> <p>Karen found co-parenting worthwhile, challenging, and lonely. Determined to support others who were sharing parenting with their ex-spouse or partner, she interviewed 42 moms and dads for her book, Co-Parenting from the Inside Out: Voices of Moms and Dads, which was published December 2017 by Dundurn Press.</p> <p>Her book brings together real-life co-parenting stories to inspire separated parents and help them understand co-parenting better, offering practical tips and tools that directly benefit families. The 35 stories include highly collaborative parents and those in extreme conflict, parental alienation, parents with special needs, children with special needs, straight and lesbian parents, and parents with addictions. She shares stories and the lessons from them,&nbsp;often finding that parents' growth offered hope for them and their children.</p> <p>Karen writes for<span>&nbsp;</span><em>Divorce Magazine</em><span>&nbsp;</span>and the<span>&nbsp;</span><em>Huffington Post</em><span>&nbsp;</span>Canada. She lives in Surrey, British Columbia.</p>

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