Child Custody

  • The Co-Parenting Relationship

    Your marriage may be over, but your relationship with the other parent will continue as long as both you and your children are alive. Healthy co-parenting is a way to carry your children through the crisis of divorce to a safe and happy future.

    Darlene Weyburne, BCD, CSW, ACSW
    Posted: August 08, 2006
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  • Building a Happier Future

    All loving parents want the best for their children. You do everything humanly possible to provide for them, to enrich their lives, and to make them feel loved. Perhaps now more than ever, you are acutely conscious of wanting to give your child all the love, support, and guidance he or she needs, but suddenly everything seems harder and more complicated. You and your family are not alone. For more than half of all North American children, divorce is a fact of life.

    M. Gary Neuman and Patricia Romanowski
    Posted: June 13, 2006
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  • Avoid the common parenting pitfalls

    Here are some of the most common warning signs that you need help before your children become casualties of your divorce.

    By: Divorce Magazine
    Posted: June 13, 2006
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  • Parent Information Pilot Project Launched in Toronto

    Osgoode Hall Law School has launched a pilot project for those appearing in court for separation or divorce-related proceedings without legal representation to help them deal with thorny familial and bureaucratic issues.

    Brad Marcoux
    Posted: June 13, 2006
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  • Becoming a Bachelor Parent

    The new challenges and adjustments that you'll face as a bachelor parent can be overwhelming at times, but the rewards of raising good, happy children are immeasurable.

    Thomas Hoerner
    Posted: June 08, 2006
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  • Helping Your Own Custody Case

    There are important factors to take into account in Illinois in terms of divorce and child custody. According to Chicago family lawyer Paul Feinstein, the court will look at the person who can best fulfill the needs of your children.

    Paul L. Feinstein, Esq.
    Posted: May 26, 2006
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  • Visitation and the Inflexible

    Beware of letting your children get involved in the case through an extended custody tug-of-war -- it will backfire on you.

    Stacy D. Phillips
    Posted: April 26, 2006
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  • Using Special Masters to Resolve Post-Divorce Conflicts

    Read Angus Strachan's explanation of Child Custody Special Masters, also known as Parenting Plan Coordinators, what they do, the advantages and disadvantages of using one, and the response from the people who have used their services to date.

    Angus Strachan
    Posted: April 26, 2006
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  • Parents Who Have Successfully Fought Parent Alienation Syndrome

    Learn what Parent Alienation Syndrome is, who is affected by it and how it changed throughout the years. See what the child and parental roles are and strategies to combat it.

    A. Jayne Major
    Posted: April 26, 2006
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  • Child Custody -- Is a Custody Battle Best For Your Children?

    Beware of letting your children get involved in the case through an extended custody tug-of-war -- it will backfire on you.

    Anita K. Cutrer
    Posted: April 26, 2006
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