Will Smith Divorce: Actor Denies Rumors of Breakup from Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith insists he’s not divorcing wife Jada Pinkett Smith, despite a swirling rumor that the pair is calling it quits after 17 years of marriage.

By Divorce Magazine
Updated: August 06, 2015

Will Smith fans concerned about the actor’s marriage can breathe a sigh of relief, because he is decidedly not getting a divorce from wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The 46-year-old actor and musician reaffirmed his love for his wife amid wild rumors of the couple’s breakup.

 Although he normally prefers to ignore the baseless rumors that often accompany fame, Smith said he felt compelled to set the record straight after receiving “deepest condolences” from a number of people. He broke his silence and expressed his continuing love for Jada on Facebook. Smith referred to his wife of 17 years as his “Queen” and acknowledged that this is not the first time their relationship has been subjected to public scrutiny and gossip.

“Under normal circumstances, I don’t usually respond to foolishness. (Because it’s contagious),” he wrote. Smith said that he could be foolish, too, and used dramatic punctuation to prove his point: “So, in the interest of redundant, repetitious, and over & over-again-ness…Jada and I are…NOT GETTING A DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

The “Suicide Squad” star also promised fans that if he ever does decide to divorce his wife, they would hear it straight from the source.

Jada responded to the recent incident with a single statement on Twitter: “My king has spoken.”

The Hollywood couple, who have three children together, faced similar breakup rumors earlier this year. Jada addressed the previous gossip in June while promoting her new movie “Magic Mike XXL” on the Howard Stern Show. “You’ve got to trust who you’re with,” she explained. “At the end of the day, I’m not here to be anybody’s watcher. I’m not his watcher. He’s a grown man.”

Although Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have experienced rumors of divorce and unfaithfulness on more than one occasion, both celebrities insist the gossip is unfounded.

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By Divorce Magazine| August 06, 2015

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