What you should never say to your ex: Top ten things you say that you may regret

Read the top 10 things you should not say to your ex. Although it is sometimes hard to refrain from uttering hurtful words to your ex, it is best to keep it to yourself because you might regret it later.

By Stacy D. Phillips, Author and Certified Family Law Specialist
Updated: July 30, 2014
Legal Separation/Divorce Process

In this third segment of my ongoing series of "Top Ten List" recommendations on what not do and what is best to do as you make your way through your divorce process, I have detailed suggestions on what you ought never to say to your ex.

It is natural and typical to want to blurt out hurtful barbs when you are frustrated, angry or deeply hurt, but very often, in looking back, you can easily feel a tremendous sense of remorse for losing your cool or saying things that were better left unsaid.

While some of the top ten lists have been playful and humorous, this particular segment takes a more serious approach to my admonishments.

Though you may know of other things one should never say to his/her ex, the following are the statements I believe are most classic or popular:

10. I was never in love with you.
9. You look like hell.
8. The kids can't stand you.
7. Everyone I know is so glad we're getting a divorce.
6. Good luck finding someone who would want you.
5. I only married you for your ___ (money, fame, body, prestige...)
4. I was cheating on you all along.
3. You were never good in bed.
2. I can't believe I ever married you.
1. You're not their father. (Toward women: Their Stepmother is their real mom).

Stacy D. Phillips is a co-founder of Phillips Lerner, A Law Corporation, which specializes in high-profile family law matters. She is co-chair of the Women's Political Committee and a member of Divorce Magazine's North American Advisory Board. She can be reached at (310) 277-7117. View her firm's Divorce Magazine profile here.

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February 18, 2010
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