What is considered an addiction in New Jersey? Does it always deal with drugs or alcohol?

By Allison Williams
April 06, 2016
What is considered an addiction in New Jersey?

Addiction is not limited to solely drugs and alcohol. It really is the presence of any type of behavior that is persistent in nature and that continues in the face of adverse consequences. So, if the person engages in a behavior that could be a perfectly, normal, healthy and legal activity but it's starting to have consequences for his or her life, that's when we start to consider that he or she might be addicted to that behavior. This can include things such as sexual addiction, gambling, shopping or over spending. Addiction is a product of a neurological condition; it impacts your brain function. So, when you start to see changes in the mood, affect, or personality of a person when he or she may engage in certain behavior, that's when you know that there may be a sign that this person has an addiction.

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April 06, 2016
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