What is a Forensic Accountant, and should I consider using one for my divorce?

By Deborah Moskovitch
October 20, 2011
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A forensic accountant, or litigation accountant, has additional training that allows him or her to investigate and analyze accounting information and prepare reports that can be used in court. There are different levels of investigation that can be pursued, with each level costing more money. These experts can help you to value things such as the interest in private companies, options, company public stock, and business assets.

Because of their expertise, forensic accountants are considered excellent witnesses in court. In addition, the information they provide can also help the parties come to a negotiated settlement and determine how the settlement amount is going to be paid. They evaluate the family assets and determine which ones are best to liquidate, transfer, or otherwise manipulate to meet the parties' financial obligations.

Deborah Moskovitch is the creator and facilitator of the Smart Divorce, a consulting service that provides tools and strategies for individuals contemplating or going through divorce. This answer has been excerpted from her book The Smart Divorce(Independent Publishers Group, 2007).

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October 20, 2011
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