What happens after we reach an agreement in mediation?

Once the mediation agreement has been signed by you and your spouse you cannot go back on it. It is legally binding.

By John K. Grubb
September 21, 2011
TX FAQs/Mediation Issues

First, in most states mediation is irrevocable. Simply meaning that if you sign an agreement at mediation you cannot change your mind the next day, the next week, or the next year. Once the mediation agreement is signed by both parties, then the attorneys will prepare a Final Decree of Divorce setting forth the terms and conditions that were agreed to in mediation. Thus, your mediated settlement agreement becomes the basis of your Final Decree of Divorce.

John K. Grubb practices family law in Houston. He has a BBA, MBA, and a JD Degree. John K. Grubb focuses a significant part of his family law practice on helping couples create premarital and prenuptial agreements in Texas.

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September 21, 2011
Categories:  Legal Issues|FAQs

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