What are some common concerns regarding the marital residence during divorce?

By Dianne Nolin and Sarah Schuler
May 16, 2017
What are some common concerns regarding the marital residence during divorce?

When the parties separate, one person may be moving out during the pendency of the divorce, they need to determine how will the expenses be paid, who’s going to pay what. Once you separate it can be difficult to maintain two households at the same level with the same amount of income coming in. You also have to consider the mortgage. Sometimes parties decide if they want to both decide to stay on the mortgage, which may be good for the parties staying in the home but it may not be good for the party who has left the home and it may be the best option to sell the marital residents.

Dianne Nolin is a CFP with over 25 years of experience, and Sarah Schuler is an experienced practitioner of many aspects of family law in the Northern Virginia area.

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May 16, 2017
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