Ten Years of Helping Generation "Ex" - Special Anniversary editor's message

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Updated: March 10, 2015

Ten Years of Helping Generation 'Ex' - Divorce Magazine

Jane Nahirny, Divorce Magazine Editorial Director

Ten years ago, individuals who reached out for help during separation and divorce often came up empty handed. Aside from a few books or the occasional newspaper article, "help" wasn't really out there. That's why Divorce Magazine was founded. Today, we proudly produce the only divorce magazine and top divorce-focused Web site. Since our first issue, we have published 100s of informative articles, 1,000s of pieces of advice on every divorce-related topic, and scores of interviews with leading divorce experts. And we've done it in six regional editions, so the information is local and relevant to you, our reader. Our Web site, DivorceMagazine.com, has had more than 10 million visitors since it was launched in 1996, providing surfers with unprecedented resources for every region of North America as well as full online access to our magazine articles and more. Today, we also offer a Divorce Guide, free online eNewsletter, and two other divorce-related Web sites, BestDivorceHelp.com and GuideToDivorce.com.

The goal with our products from the outset was to provide divorcing people with information and resources to help them navigate their way to a peaceful, more humane divorce. We believed, and still believe, that the more informed divorcing people are, the more likely they will be to make positive choices as they transition through this challenging time. We consistently encourage divorcing people to seek the least acrimonious path possible for their own sake and that of their families. The divorce process itself has evolved in many positive ways over the last decade. Mediation and Collaborative Law are growing in popularity, and there is the hopeful realization from both divorcing individuals and divorce professionals that this can be a new beginning rather than a tragic ending.

1996 - Ontario's, Illinois', and New York/New Jersey's Divorce Magazine launched.
1996 - DivorceMagazine.com launched.
1997 - Southern California's Divorce Magazine launched.
2003 - Texas' and Florida's Divorce Magazine launched.
2004 - Divorce Guide launched.
2005 - BestDivorceHelp.com launched.
2005 - GuideToDivorce.com launched.

As we mark our 10th anniversary, we'd like to take the opportunity to thank our supporters. Some of our advertisers have been with us since the very first issue and have generously given of their time to write articles, and some have graciously served on our Advisory Board. To them, to the media who continue to write positive reviews of our work, to the authors and experts who grant us excerpts and interviews, and to all who have supported Divorce Magazine and DivorceMagazine.com over the past 10 years, we offer our profuse thanks. We also wish to thank you, our reader, for your encouragement and support over the years. We produce this magazine and Web site for you and your family in the hopes that it will inform, educate, comfort, and inspire you on your way to your new, post-divorce life.

We want you to leave you with this thought: if you're going through separation and divorce, remember, you are not alone. There are books, online communities, resources, divorce support groups, divorce professionals, and often friends and family to help you along the way. And - best of all - you always have Divorce Magazine and DivorceMagazine.com.

Best wishes,
Jane Nahirny
Editorial Director

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By Divorce Magazine| November 02, 2011
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