What are the tale tell signs of addiction someone should look for in his or her spouse?

By Allison Williams
April 05, 2016
What are the tale tell signs of addiction?

Addictions vary from person to person, but you're going to see certain signs come up no matter what type of addiction it is. You're looking for behavior that is repetitive in nature and that continues in the face of adverse consequences. So, there are times when one person's behavior can be identical to another person, but in the first person it's not an addiction, but in the second person it is.

We look for things such as the inability to cope with life's functions despite the behavior that's going on. So, with alcohol, prescription drugs or even illegal drugs, you're going to see some type of impact on the person's ability to function at work, his or her ability or inability to have relationships, the individual’s parenting, or other types of functions.

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April 05, 2016
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