If the parents can't agree, what are the steps to creating a co-parenting plan and who creates it?

By Rosalyn Charles
November 07, 2016

There are experts out there that you can utilize in the course of litigation, even post-litigation, towards trying to alleviate some of those differences. They are typically referred to as parent coordinators. Parent coordinators are oftentimes attorneys and sometimes child psychologists.

They work with the parents to openly develop what is in the best interest of these children and try to explain to the parents and show the parents that, ultimately, it is in the best interests of the children that you get along and that you work through your differences. It would be a parent coordinator, be it an attorney or psychologist or an attorney working in tandem with a psychologist.

Rosalyn Charles is a family lawyer practicing in Newark, New Jersey.

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November 07, 2016
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