What one key pitfall should men watch for to avoid a bad settlement?

By Bari Zell Weinberger
July 10, 2017
What one key pitfall should men watch for to avoid a bad settlement?

While no one wants to prolong the financial or psychological stress of divorce, operating from an “I just want it to be over” mentality will likely cause regrets. Poorly constructed financial settlements can take their toll and unfair custody or support arrangements can be difficult to modify.

Don’t let guilt or fear prevent you from arriving at a positive divorce settlement. For an expedient divorce that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the settlement, explore divorce mediation where you and your spouse sit down with a neutral third-party mediator to work through the issues of your divorce. It’s faster and often less costly than the typical court-litigated divorce, and you have the benefit of a mediator to provide alternatives and feedback on fair settlement options.

Mediation can be used to settle all the issues of your divorce, including child custody, support, and even asset division. Your attorney can help you understand if mediation is right for you.

Bari Zell Weinberger is the owner and managing partner of Weinberger Law Group in New Jersey. She is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney.

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July 10, 2017
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