Do people without assets need a prenuptial agreement?

By Cynthia Ann Brassington
October 02, 2017
Do people without assets need a prenuptial agreement?

I believe everyone should have a prenuptial agreement because you never know if a divorce is in your future. After all the statistics are one in two marriages end in divorce. Assume two people get married and one party just graduated from college and is a teacher and therefore has a prospective teacher's pension. The other party works in construction and 20 years later, he has a construction company and she has a teacher's pension. Now we have to have this construction company and the pension valued. She wants to keep her pension and he does not want to buy her out of his construction company.

This non-complicated divorce now is complicated. If they had agreed to what would have happened when they were getting along with each other and wanted to treat each other fairly, they would know their expectations in advance and that is why prenuptial agreements are invaluable.

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October 02, 2017
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