What happens if the non-military spouse runs up credit-card debt in the military spouse’s name?

What happens if the non-military spouse runs up a lot of credit-card debts in the military spouse’s name while the military spouse is deployed?

By Ginger L. Dugan
December 26, 2016
credit-card debt

Unfortunately, this is something that happens sometimes, and you never want to hear the story. One of the first things that you can do, whether it’s your spouse or not, is to call the police and file a police report for identity theft. A lot of times, you don’t want to do that against your spouse. If you don’t want to go that route and file for a criminal case, then you can also invoke what I said before – the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. There are certain provisions in that act that allow for you to have a lower interest rate on credit cards while you’re active duty or while you’re deployed. That’s helpful and kind of lowering those amounts. You want to make sure you get them closed as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to talk to the individual companies. Sometimes they will have programs for military members where you can negotiate it. You might be able to tell them the circumstances and maybe pay off at a lower amount than what was on there. There are a couple different options. You want to talk to an attorney about it though, but if you are separated and you don’t care if the person goes to jail, then I would call the police, number one.

Ginger L. Dugan, a family lawyer at All Family Law Group in Tampa, Florida, has 10 years of experience in family law and handling complex cases.

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December 26, 2016
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