New Video Recording Feature for Bloggers

The response to’s new blog from people experiencing separation and divorce has been so great that we have decided to offer a new service: video blogging, which allows users to record a video with their computer’s web cam.

By Divorce Magazine
Updated: September 03, 2015
New Video Recording Feature for Bloggers

Last March, proudly launched its new blog, which is geared towards helping separated and divorced people cope with the challenges of divorce. The blog features posts by experts consisting of former judges, family lawyers, divorce mediators, therapists and counsellors – as well as people experiencing separation and divorce.

The new blog has been well-received by people who are currently separated and those who have gone through divorce, since both groups of people have so many questions about the practical, financial, and emotional aspects of their new realities. The response has been so great that has decided to offer a new service to bloggers who wish to share their advice and experience with those facing separation and divorce: video blogging, which allows users to record a video with their computer’s web cam. 

“This great new tool is easy to use, it makes video blogging a breeze,” says Diana Shepherd, Divorce Magazine’s Editorial Director. “No software, downloading, uploading, or technical skills are required. As long as they have a web cam, the blogger just has to go the video blogging page, click on the red 'Record Video' button, and start recording. When they’re finished, they hit the submit button.” 

People can choose to be a one-time contributor and start video blogging right away, or they can register to become a regular blogger on the website and have all their video and written posts listed on their profile page.

“'s visitors are interested in valuable advice from professionals as well insights from others experiencing separation and divorce,” Shepherd states. “Statistics show that 63% of online users are more likely to click on a video than a written blog post or article.” This new feature is expected to attract visual bloggers and visitors hungry for advice about separation and divorce to the blog.

The website welcomes contributions from divorce-industry professionals, people going through separation and divorce, or an adult child of divorced parents. “These video blogs should be intended to inspire and encourage those stuck at one of the stages of the recovery process,” says Shepherd. “This is not a venue to spread hatred against anyone based on gender, race, or religion – or to publicly shame an ex-spouse. Those kinds of videos will not be accepted.”

To visit the new blog, or for information about becoming a blogger, go to:

To watch all the video blogs, go to:

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By Divorce Magazine| July 31, 2015

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