My spouse and I are not getting along and planning to move out from the home...

By Janet E. Boyle
August 13, 2013
IL FAQ/Asset/Property Issues

"My spouse and I are not getting along and planning to move out from the home we bought ten years ago Is moving out a wise thing to do?"

So much of that depends on the exact facts of the case. Moving out can be a good thing. If there's any domestic violence, do not put yourself in danger; please move out or seek a protective order so that you can be safe in the home. If it is a matter of you not liking the tension in the home you usually aren't giving anything up by moving out.

However, if there are children you cannot always take them with you if you decide to move out. Your spouse could go back and get a court order requiring the children to be returned to the home. So, so much of it depends on the individual circumstances, but again, if you and the children are in any danger, leave and worry about having to return to the home later.

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August 13, 2013
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