What are the most common ways that addiction is cited for the breakdown of a marriage in New Jersey?

By Allison Williams
April 08, 2016
most common ways that addiction is cited for the breakdown of a marriage in New Jersey

You really have to think about what the addiction is doing to the relationship between the spouses. Typically that comes up in the manner of finances. If someone has an addiction and he or she can't stop themselves from engaging in certain behaviors, then finances are often impacted because a person may be spending excessively on, his or her drug of choice or behavior of choice. However sometimes, it really just impacts the person’s personality. The person changes when he or she engages in the behavior. So, for instance with alcohol, if someone is drinking excessively, he or she may not necessarily become violent, but perhaps become sullen or depressed. Then the person disengages from the spouse so it's going to have some ability to alter the way that the two people interact with each other.

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April 08, 2016
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