Study Shows Your Marriage Could Save Your Life After a Heart Attack

A recent study claims that married people are more likely to survive a heart attack than single or divorced individuals.

By Michael Burton
Updated: September 22, 2017

Your Spouse May Be The Key To Surviving a Heart Attack 

marital status and heart attack

An English study based on heart disease and marital status from the Aston Medical School at Aston University claims that married patients who have suffered a heart attack are 14% more likely to survive the incident than those who are single or divorced.

Using the Algorithm for Co-morbidities, Associations, Length of Stay, and Mortality database, researchers studied patients in England between 2000 and 2013. The focal point of their research was the correlation between marital status and cardiovascular risk factors for individuals who had previously suffered a heart attack.

In the study, patients who either had high blood pressure or cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, or a previous history of a heart attack were further categorized as either single, married, divorced, or widowed.

Heart Disease and Marital Status: Survival Rates Jump with a Supportive Spouse

With just short of 930,000 patients included in the study, results showed that those who had suffered from a heart attack were 14% more likely to survive the ordeal if they were married. Additionally, patients were 10% more likely to live longer if they were married and had diabetes.

Researchers responsible for the study point to the importance of having a spouse at home who can offer emotional and physical support. Spouses can also persuade one another to lead a healthier lifestyle, ensure they take their medication, while helping them cope with the emotional hurdles of such ailments.

The same study also suggested that divorce was also linked to increased stress and heart disease, with patients that had been divorced to be less likely to survive from a heart attack and related heart disease.

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By Michael Burton| September 05, 2017

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