Inadmissible: Ex-wife TV

Read about ABC's new reality show "Ex-Wives Club", which takes hurt women who have just gotten divorce and tries to re-build their self-confidence with gifts such as make-overs.

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Updated: October 16, 2014

Inadmissible: Ex-wife TV
Reprinted from Texas Lawyer

What happens after the clients sign the divorce decree and their family-law attorneys lay down their briefcases usually isn't all that dramatic. But it can be for clients who are left with broken families, damaged finances, and emotional wounds. That was the case for Lynn Jones, a schoolteacher from Rowlett, Texas, whose story was featured on the ABC reality television program Ex-Wives Club on June 18, 2007 at 8 p.m.

Jones' divorce lawyer, Dallas solo Michelle May O'Neil, referred her client to the show. O'Neil says Jones received a telephone call from the show's producers about a year ago looking for potential subjects for the program, which features people getting over divorce and provides them with gifts such as makeovers to help them rebuild their self-confidence.

O'Neil says she immediately thought of Jones, who went through a particularly bad divorce in 2005 while fighting breast cancer. "Lynn's story is very common... and I do think the way she has handled herself, combined with her breast cancer, is absolutely inspirational to other people," O'Neil says. "Somebody has to be willing to tell an unfortunate story so other people will know that they can make it through too."

Jones says she was more than willing to expose a painful part of her life on national television if her story helps someone else. "Divorce just predominates now," Jones says. "To me, it's worse than cancer, and I've been through that three times."

Jones hasn't seen the show, and she declines to discuss the gift she received as part of her appearance. But the biggest gift is helping others by showing that they can overcome divorce, she says.

This article first appeared in Texas Lawyer magazine's June 11, 2007 issue.

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By Divorce Magazine| August 22, 2007
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