In Retrospect - Founder and Publisher Dan Couvrette reflects

Dan Couvrette reflects on his publication Divorce Magazine, and the things he has learned from going through divorce and running his successful magazine. Couvrette gives hope to those dealing with divorce.

By Divorce Magazine
Updated: March 10, 2015
Ten Years of Helping Generation 'Ex'

In Retrospect - Founder and Publisher Dan Couvrette reflects
Founder and Publisher Dan Couvrette reflects on divorce and Divorce Magazine.

Founder and Publisher Dan Couvrette reflects on Divorce Magazine"Why as a divorcing person did you see a need for publication like Divorce Magazine?"

I needed help: I was embarrassed, confused, and incredibly upset by my divorce. I'd lost my best friend, the person who I'd confided in for 12-plus years, my home, daily access to my two children – and I didn't know what had gone wrong. Friends offered support but few answers. I wondered, "What went wrong?" "What will happen to my children?" "Will I ever feel better again?" I don't think I have ever been more motivated to try and "figure things out" than I was when I embarked on this process. I figured I wasn't alone in this feeling.

Where do you hope to take the magazine/Web site in the future?

We believe we can have the most impact on the most people by developing and enhancing our Web site. The goal of the new will be to expand the community nature of our site, encouraging divorcing people to share their questions and insights. New editorial will also be added on a more regular basis and it will be easier to connect with divorce professionals, so a divorcing person can determine if they're the right fit for them.

What have you learned about divorce over the years?

I've learned that we always have a choice. We can be miserable and make the world miserable around us, or we can choose to make lemonade out of lemons.

How do you think divorce itself has changed in the last ten years?

I think that people have a better understanding of what the divorce process is like, although everybody to a certain extent feels like their experience is completely unique. Ten years ago there was very little accessible information, but with the advent of the Internet and a large number of books on the subject being published in the last 10 years the amount of information is overwhelming. I'm proud to say that we sift through the information and resources that are available for divorcing people and present the best information available anywhere to help divorcing people through Divorce Magazine and

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