Podcast: The Impact of Divorce on Children – Latest Research

This podcast discusses the impact of divorce on children, especially when there is conflict involved, and outlines the steps you can take to protect your children from the damaging effects of divorce.

By Marta J. Papa
Updated: March 21, 2018
Impact of Divorce on Children

Divorce affects children in many different ways. Some kids act out, some withdraw, and others put up a brave front – acting as though nothing has changed in their worlds.  Marta J. Papa – a divorce lawyer and mediator based in St. Louis, Missouri – discusses the latest research on the impact of divorce on children, especially when there is conflict involved. She also explains the steps parents can take to help their children move from surviving to thriving after divorce.

In this podcast, Marta will share:

  • the latest research on the effect a custody battle can have on a child
  • the ways choosing sides between Mom and Dad plays out in the lives of children
  • the "Sleeper Effect" and its impact on young adults
  • how parents can protect their children from the negative impact of divorce
  • the resources available to divorcing parents who are looking to resolve conflict without involving their children


Facilitator: Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Divorce Magazine, Family Lawyer Magazine, and www.DivorcedMoms.com

Faculty Member: Marta J. Papa, Divorce Lawyer and Mediator

Known as the Divorce Whisperer®, Marta is considered an authority on mediation nationwide. With more than 25 years of experience in mediation, litigation, and settlement negotiations, she has successfully completed more than 4,000 mediated divorces.

Marta received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Houston and obtained a post-graduate certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy Training from the prestigious Menninger Psychiatric Institute. She has extensive training in negotiation and divorce mediation, and is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, the Association of Missouri Mediators, the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM). Marta Papa has taught Mediation, Dissolution of Marriage, and Civil Litigation at several universities and is currently adjunct faculty at St. Louis University in the Graduate School of Social Work. She also conducts family law mediation training seminars for lawyers, judges, and mental health professionals, as well as seminars for individuals considering divorce. consideringdivorce.com

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December 08, 2017

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