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Illinois Divorce News
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October 20, 2011: Residents of Illinois aren't divorcing as much
By April Lopez

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Divorce is life-altering. There are many factors to be considered and much business to be conducted in the process of a divorce, and it can easily become overwhelming and burdensome.

Fortunately there have been a decreasing number of divorces throughout Illinois.

Of the 43 states that have reported their divorces to the Center for Disease Control, the states with constitutional bans on gay marriage have the largest increase in divorce rates.

Illinois doesn't have a state ban on marriages.

Based on 2009 data from the US Census Bureau, American Community Survey, the report determines that the Northeast region of the country has the lowest divorce rates, while the South has the highest.

The divorce rate in Illinois for men is 8 and 8 for women, based on national, regional, and state divorce rates per 1,000 men and women aged 15 and over.

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