I’ve been told that there is no true alimony in Texas. Is this still the case?

By Tim Satre
March 18, 2015

The statute for many years was that alimony or maintenance lasted only 36 months – no matter how long the couple had been married or what their circumstances were. The old statute was meant to encourage divorced spouses to become self-sufficient: the idea was to pay them to re-educate themselves or get some kind of training so they could obtain gainful employment.

That statute was changed recently for long-term marriages, which includes anything over ten years. In fact, we were in court last week and our client received seven years of maintenance after a 28-year marriage; in her case, the maintenance will support her until the social security payments start.

If there’s a medical issue, such as a disability where that spouse can’t work, a court could order permanent maintenance.

I’ve heard it said that maintenance isn’t handed out very easily in Texas, especially if you have a working spouse who is capable of making a living. Some states may award maintenance – even permanent maintenance – more easily or frequently than is the case in Texas.

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March 18, 2015
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