How Do I Determine How Much Spousal Support I Need?

By Brad Micklin
October 02, 2015

Brad Micklin, a family lawyer in Nutley, answers:

Early in your case, you will be required to complete and file with the court a legal document known as a case information statement, which estimates your income, expenses, assets, and debts. Generally, you will need spousal support in order to meet the shortfall between what your net income is and what your net expenses are. You should also try to account for expenses that you may not necessarily have at the moment, but will in the near future incur, such as expenses associated with daycare or extra-curricular activities for a child. These are referred to as “reasonably foreseeable” expenses.

A family court judge is charged with the responsibility of allocating funds to each spouse that allow for each spouse to equally maintain the marital lifestyle or as close to it as reasonably possible. However, this is not always possible since it is typically more expensive to maintain two households than to maintain one.

Brad Micklin is a family lawyer in Nutley, NJ.

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October 02, 2015

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