How much does a divorce cost in New Jersey?

By Rosalyn Charles
September 19, 2016

It varies. Most attorneys engaged utilize an hourly basis, and it really depends on the number of hours that the attorneys spent on your case. There are divorces that have been as low as $5000 to $6000, and there are also divorces that have eclipsed $100,000. How much are we litigating it? How much of the party is able to get along? Most folks are not necessarily on the same page when it comes to how we’re going to divide assets. Many folks are on the same page on how they want to deal with their children, but most folks have to get to a point where they can see what is fair in their eyes, and that’s what’s called a settlement. You really just can’t put a break line on how much it costs to get a divorce, but the more the parties are in a position to cooperate, with the assistance of their attorneys, and they’re able to hash through the more important issues as opposed to arguing about what might be considered the less important issues, you can bring down the cost of litigation substantially.

Rosalyn Charles is a family lawyer practicing in Newark, New Jersey.

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September 19, 2016
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