High-net-worth Chicago couple Battle over $5 Billion with their Divorce

Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin’s divorce continues to get ugly as new details about their contentious property battle emerge.

By Divorce Magazine
Updated: January 27, 2017
Ken Griffin Divorce

As details of the high-profile divorce between Ken Griffin and his estranged wife Anne Dias Griffin continue to emerge, the billionaire couple's property battle grows more contentious. On Wednesday, Griffin filed a legal motion to dismiss his wife’s claim to “unfettered” access to his homes in addition to her request for him to pay her personal expenses. 

Dias Griffin, who is the founder of Reboot Illinois (an online media company) and Aragon Global Management (a Chicago investment firm), had requested access to property that her husband purchased after their separation. She also filed a motion seeking access to his vacation homes and asking that he pay her credit card bills. The founder and CEO of Chicago-based hedge fund Citadel LLC, Griffin dismissed his wife’s claims in a 23-page filing. 

The document Griffin filed in response states that “Anne's demand – which ultimately amounts to the claim that Ken is required to permit Anne to come and go from his separate properties as she pleases because he allowed her to do so during the marriage – is contrary to settled law.”

Previously, Dias Griffin filed to have their prenuptial agreement challenged on the basis that she was coerced into signing it; Griffin responded by asking the court to uphold the merits of the agreement, but there has not yet been a ruling on that issue.

Griffin has reportedly earned several billion through his role at Citadel LLC—one of the most successful hedge funds in the world—and is worth an impressive $5.2 billion, according to Forbes.  

The wealthy couple, who wed in July 2004 at Versailles, first separated in 2012. However, it was not until July 2014 that Griffin filed for divorce. Citing “irreconcilable differences,” he claimed that “any attempt at reconciliation would be impractical and not in the best interests of the family.”

The couple has three young children together. Griffin’s filing states that he intends to continue to cover their children’s expenses without fulfilling Dias Griffin’s request for child support.

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By Divorce Magazine| October 24, 2014

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