What is the first step someone should take if their spouse violated a child or spousal support order?

By Candace Meyers
May 15, 2017
What is the first step someone should take if their spouse violated a child or spousal support order?

A person should first make sure that the requests are made, that the party who is seeking enforcement has made those requests, and that they don’t just think that their spouse remembers all of the terms in an order or a judgment and expects them to remember that they're supposed to pay certain requirements.

A person should make sure that all of the requests they make to the other party are well documented, whether it's an email that you can save or a letter that the party who is seeking enforcement keeps a copy of.

The party that is seeking the funds and seeking enforcement should be clear in communicating what those funds are and what they're seeking reimbursement for. A big problem with a lot of clients is perhaps they wait for six months to accrue and large sums of money have gone from their pocket to the camp, to the activity. A party will ask for a lump sum of $17,000, for example, and not clearly delineate to the other party what those expenditures are for.

After making all of those communication efforts, a person should hire an attorney and try to communicate to the spouse or their attorney what reimbursement, what reinforcement they're seeking. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney who is well read and has established enforcement proceedings is paramount.

Candace Meyers is a family lawyer at Boyle Feinberg, P.C. in Illinois. To learn more about the firm, visit www.bffamlaw.com. Visit their firm profile here.

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May 15, 2017
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