Do you have advice for business owners going through the divorce process...

By Eric Higgins and Brian Loughmiller
January 26, 2015
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"Do you have advice for business owners going through the divorce process to ensure their divorce has the least possible affect on their business?"

Even though going through a divorce is a very emotional point in a person’s life, they need to take a step back and let the attorneys navigate the process for them. Many people make the mistake of getting in the middle of every issue. They start ignoring their business and pay more attention to the emotional issues in their divorce. The reason you hire an attorney is to deal with those issues, rather than you constantly communicating with your spouse and trying to figure out a way to get through it.

Many people that own businesses spend a lot of time trying to limit the exposure of that business, yet by not co-operating in producing documents and not co-operating in determining value, they inhibit the business aspect of it. Let your attorneys do the work that they need to do, limit your communication directly with your spouse to the extent that it impacts how the divorce is happening, and just go about your work while you let the attorneys work on the divorce issues.

Brian Loughmiller is a partner at the McKinney, Texas law firm of Loughmiller Higgins. Serving family law clients throughout North Texas and the DFW Metroplex area, Brian and his partner, Eric Higgins, have 47 years of combined trial experience. One of the top family lawyers in the state, Brian has been recognized as a Super Lawyer every year since 2005.

Eric Higgins is a family attorney serving residents of North Texas and the DFW Metroplex area who have family law concerns and divorce issues. Eric and his partner, Brian Loughmiller, have over 47 years of combined trial experience, which provides their firm with the experience necessary to guide divorcing clients through what can otherwise be a challenging and confusing process.

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January 26, 2015

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