If a divorce involves complex issues, can you still use a mediator?

By Michele E. D’Onofrio
January 13, 2017
If a divorce involves complex issues, can you still use a mediator?

Yes. The parties, with the assistance of their counsel, should select a trained and experienced mediator who has the education and skills needed to handle complex financial or parenting issues. Experts, whether forensic accountants, financial advisors, or child psychologists, just to name a few, are often utilized in the divorce process to assist not only the mediator but also the parties in educating them as to the value of a business or a practice or in determining a parenting plan in the best interests of the children. By utilizing seasoned professionals, the parties are able to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome. It is important that a divorcing spouse have an understanding of the financial choices and parenting decisions they are being asked to make. The role of the attorney is to guide a client who may not be as financially astute through the process.

Michele E. D’Onofrio is a family law attorney practicing in Warren, New Jersey.

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January 13, 2017
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