Congratulations, Divorce Magazine on your 10th Anniversary!

Congratulations, Divorce Magazine on your 10th Anniversary! Here are some words of thanks and notes of appreciation from readers and advertisers on this special day!

By Divorce Magazine
Updated: March 10, 2015
Ten Years of Helping Generation

Congratulations, Divorce Magazine! Notes of thanks from readers and advertisers

Dr. Barbara Landau, Psychologist, Lawyer, and Mediator, President, Cooperative Solutions, Toronto, ON. Divorce Magazine advertiser and Advisory Board Member since 1999: "The magazine really 'speaks' to its readers. It connects on an emotional level to their stage of grieving and it 'lifts' them with practical resources and constructive actions towards self-help. It is a great resource, offering the same philosophy of non-adversarial problem solving for the entire family that I am hoping to achieve. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!!!"

A reader writes from Glen Burnie, MD: "The best thing about Divorce Magazine is that it even exists! I really like the articles about learning to enjoy single life."

Henry B. Guberman, CPA, CFE, ABV, DABFA, Partner Lazar Levine & Felix LLP, New York City, NY. Divorce Magazine advertiser and Advisory Board Member since 1999: "Today, thanks to the Internet and publications like Divorce Magazine, an individual can obtain vast amounts of information about the financial and non-financial issues of the divorcing process. Knowledge allows people to be active empowered participants in the process rather than passive and possibly confused participants. It also helps individuals understand that there is life after divorce, and that they need to plan for that day."

Patricia M. Barbarito, Attorney, Partner, Einhorn Harris Ascher Barbarito Frost & Ironson, Denville, NJ. Divorce Magazine advertiser and Advisory Board Member since 1999: "Divorce Magazine is not only a great resource for my clients but has also served as a very effective promotional tool for our practice. Working with Divorce Magazine has been a real pleasure...."

A reader writes via e-mail: "I was thrilled to discover Divorce Magazine. It targets the real-life issues I've been dealing with, giving me helpful advice and support during this tough time. I recommend the magazine to anyone who is separated or divorced - and to their families and friends who want to know how to help them."

Mari J. Frank, Esq., Attorney/ Mediator, Laguna Niguel, CA. Divorce Magazine advertiser and National Advisory Board Member since 2000: "It's very important for my clients to have a sensitive magazine like Divorce Magazine so they can sit down quietly by themselves and read articles that will enlighten, educate, and support them through this major life change. The magazine articles are very positive. I also like the fact that the publisher himself was going through divorce when he created the magazine and felt a need to get support and help others who were hurting. I have been privileged to write articles for the publication, and I always enjoy the outstanding writings of others who deal with divorcing clients."

Judith Holzman, Collaborative Family Lawyer, Toronto, ON. Divorce Magazine advertiser since 1999: "My clients take not only the current magazine but multiple back issues from my office to discuss with their family, friends,and separation groups. They feel Divorce Magazine is really relevant to them and their issues -- and that there's nothing else out there quite like it. Happy 10th Anniversary!"

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