If there is a lot of conflict between the parents, can they still share equal parenting rights and responsibilities?

By Rosalyn Charles
October 19, 2016

The short answer is no. Conflict – what does that mean? Does it mean that there is abuse in terms of physical abuse? Does that mean that there is just a lot of arguments? Does that mean that they are diabolically opposed in how they should raise this child?

It makes the whole process very difficult. It’s one of the things for the court to look at. In general, when it comes to parenting, what is the relationship or how is the parental relationship between the two? How can they co-parent? There are certain things that the court will do to assist in that process. They have various classes that the parents can involve themselves in, which is technically like parent therapy.

Ultimately, the court is interested in both parents being involved in their children's lives equally. They will do what they can to foster that relationship, but a high-conflict situation between mother and father makes it very difficult to co-parent. The courts will try, if permitted, to overcome that conflict.

Rosalyn Charles is a family lawyer practicing in Newark, New Jersey.

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October 19, 2016
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