Burt Reynolds Pays Off Divorce Settlement 22 Years After Split

It’s been 22 years since seventies icons Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson ended their marriage, but Reynolds only recently finished paying off the divorce settlement - with interest.

By Divorce Magazine
Updated: October 06, 2015
Burt Reynolds Pays Off Divorce Settlement

Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds has finally paid off the money owed to ex-wife Loni Anderson as part of their 1993 divorce settlement. Although the Stroker Ace co-stars were only married for five years, it took Reynolds 22 years to completely pay off the settlement awarded to Anderson in their unpleasant divorce.

The pair had been fighting over the remaining money ever since Reynolds filed for bankruptcy, after paying only half of what Anderson was legally owed. The former WKRP in Cincinnati actress must have eventually become fed up with waiting for her share of the settlement, because she took Reynolds to court last year to force him to pay up. The judge ordered that Reynolds pay Anderson everything she was owed plus interest.

Recently filed court documents confirm that Anderson received a long-awaited settlement check from her ex-husband. We can only imagine how relieved she must feel to have finally received her portion of the divorce settlement – hefty interest included. The balance owed by Reynolds totaled $154,520.

The 79-year-old actor, producer, and director has worked in the film and television industry for over four decades, first meeting Anderson in 1981 on the set of The Merv Griffith Show. However, both stars were already divorcees and waited a year before beginning to date. They married in 1988 and adopted a son together that same year. 

The couple split amid rumors of both parties' infidelity in 1993. Reynolds sued Anderson for divorce in Florida, but she countersued him for divorce in California, where community property law dictates that property should be divided 50-50 in the event of divorce.

More than two decades later, Reynolds has finally paid his dues and both former Hollywood stars can move on with their lives. Reynolds is currently promoting his memoir But Enough About Me, which will be published in November. He previously published an autobiography titled My Life, which was a New York Times bestseller in 1994. 

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By Divorce Magazine| October 01, 2015

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