The Twisted Divorce Tale of Blatherwick v. Blatherwick

After Refusing to Pay a Court-Ordered Divorce Settlement of $10 Million, This Man Opted for Six Months in Jail.

By Michael Burton
Updated: September 01, 2017

The Web of Lies and Deceit Seems to Have No End in Blatherwick Divorce Case


It’s neither trick nor treat for a Canadian man who is potentially facing a second round of jail time for refusing to split the assets of their Halloween costume empire with his former spouse in a wild divorce case.

After the case headed to trial, the judge overseeing the case had no choice but to sentence Brian Blatherwick to jail time after failing to pay a court-ordered divorce settlement of $10 million.

Brian spent six months in prison for refusing to hand over the settlement, but after serving his prison term, he could now face further jail time if he doesn’t pay up.

Brian married his former wife Barbara in 1971; together, the couple started the wildly successful costume company Seasons in 1997. They started the business in their living room, packaging and wearing their line of costume products themselves because they lacked the cash to hire models or pay for distribution.

However, after 40 years of marriage, it all came crashing down with alleged second lives, offshore bank accounts, millions of dollars in legal fees, secret companies, private investigators, and even what is said to be a tight-lipped brotherhood of investors keeping the true value of the Blatherwicks' empire a secret.

During their marriage, Brian and Barbara lived a life of luxury with beautiful houses, sports cars, and extensive worldwide travel. But after some investigating on Barbara’s part after her suspicions were aroused by a long list of overseas phone calls, she discovered Brian's second life and secret girlfriends in the Philippines.

Brian has since promised not to pay a penny from "his" company, opting for jail time rather than handing over of any of the marital assets. However, Brian could be headed back to jail if he continues to refuse to pay the court-ordered settlement to his ex-wife.

Although Seasons started as a Mom and Pop costume company out of the Blatherwicks' living room, it was reported that Brian once boasted to Walmart executives that the company was valued at $50-million. But now, Brian claims that he has no control of his company or earnings, as his business partners – otherwise known as "the brotherhood" – is in complete control of Seasons.

Image source: Court document.

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By Michael Burton| August 30, 2017

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