What are the benefits of divorce litigation?

By Heather Collier and Erik P. Arena
January 17, 2018
What are the benefits of divorce litigation?

Most people want to know when they will be done with the divorce process. If someone has spent months or in some cases years trying to reach an agreement with a spouse who is not really motivated to participate productively, or who constantly delays or puts up roadblocks that puts up settlement, it seems like the divorce will never end. Litigation can help that situation because it puts a timeline and an end date on the process.

The timing of the process is controlled in large part by the court's trial schedule and deadline. That can motivate the resistant party to participate and be realistic about resolving the issues. At the very least you have an end date in sight and a judge to make decisions in the absence of an agreement resulting in closure.

Divorce litigation can also give a voice to the party who is disadvantaged in the relationship due to the party's personality, their relationship dynamics and their history, providing a forum in which that party will be heard. Mediation may not provide the same opportunity to a person who feels they are significantly disadvantaged in trying to strike a bargain over the issues rising out of that relationship.

Family lawyers Heather Collier and Erik Arena are partners at Dragga, Hannon, and Wills law firm in Rockville Maryland. Heather has been recognized as a “Super Lawyer” in the area of family law for the fourth consecutive year, and selected to the Super Lawyers’ list of Top 50 Women Attorneys in Maryland. Erik has also been named a “Super Lawyer” in family law, and a “Best Lawyer” in Maryland family law by Best Lawyers in America. To learn how Heather, Erik, and the team at Dragga, Hannon, and Wills can help you choose the right dispute-resolution process for your divorce, please visit DraggaLaw.com.

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January 17, 2018
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