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Spring 2015 Issue of Divorce Magazine Helps
Readers Take Control of Their Lives:
Legally, Financially, and Emotionally

Winter-Spring 2015 issue of Divorce Magazine

TORONTO, ON — The Winter-Spring 2015 issue of Divorce Magazine is now available for free download here

The cover story, “Do the Next Right Thing”, was written by Frank O’Dea. The victim of abuse as a teenager, at age 24, O’Dea was a homeless alcoholic. But he was able to turn his life around, rising from the streets to become the co-founder of  The Second Cup and other businesses, a motivational speaker, and author. “Fight or flight works well when the choice is either eat or be eaten, but not so well when the threat is essentially emotional – and that’s at the core of most personal crises we encounter,” O’Dea points out. “Too often, your intelligence is overwhelmed by your emotions in the middle of a personal crisis. When neither flight nor fight is appropriate, you are intellectually bereft. You become, in effect, the dumbest person in the room.” O’Dea’s article coaches readers to “identify the next right thing to do” rather than leaping into action without adequate reflection.

In this issue, readers will find articles on the legal, financial, emotional, and practical issues of separation and divorce – as well as resources for finding the right divorce professionals for their unique situations.  There’s more than one way to get divorced, and the process you choose can have a big impact on the final terms of your divorce. “Choosing a Divorce Process” and “Mediation for Self Preservation” offer insights into the alternatives. For readers who have chosen the litigation route to resolve their issues, “How to Work with Your Divorce Lawyer” offers tips to save time, money, and aggravation –  and get the best possible outcome during divorce. 

Money is often a major issue during divorce. With some preparation and planning, divorcing individuals can protect their interests and take charge of their financial futures. “Understanding the Financial Impact of Divorce” and “Creating Positive Cash Flow during Divorce” help readers understand their current situation as well as find the money to fuel their dreams post-divorce.

When families separate, many parents quickly start dating again. “New Partners, Stepparents, and Remarriage” offers useful information on how to help children of divorce adjust to becoming part of a stepfamily. Before they’re ready to start dating again, however, separated parents need to learn how to co-parent their children effectively. In “Ten Tips for Divorcing Parents”, a family lawyer provides advice drawn from years of practice to help parent cope with this difficult time. 

Separation and divorce are some of the most stressful times a person will ever experience. The negative stress arising from a family break-up can effect people psychologically, but ongoing chronic stress can also hurt them physically. “It’s all about the brain-gut connection,” says Certified Nutrition Practitioner Trish Krause, “so choosing the right foods during divorce proceedings will help separated people feel better and keep them clear-headed – which will enable them to make better decisions.” In her article, “Feed Your Body and Soul”, Krause offers four fast tips to help people cope with divorce-related stress.

Published since 1996, Divorce Magazine is North America’s only magazine devoted entirely to divorce-related issues. The magazine is the authoritative voice on separation and divorce, offering expert advice and practical information designed to minimize emotional and financial stress for individuals and families going through the process. This comprehensive publication and website covers all key issues – from child support to custody, mediation to litigation, financial preparation to emotional recovery. 

Divorce Magazine is published by  Divorce Marketing Group – the only one-stop marketing agency dedicated to helping family lawyers and other divorce professionals grow their practices. Divorce Marketing Group offers a full range of marketing services, including: website design and promotion, online reputation management, social media marketing, video and podcast marketing, and print and online advertising. Their other products include, Family Lawyer Magazine and, ten print and web-based Divorce Guides, and monthly eNewsletters.  For more information, please contact CEO Dan Couvrette.




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