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Divorce Magazine’s Winter/Spring 2011 Issue Shares
Personal Divorce Stories from Readers

TORONTO, Canada – 26 January, 2011 – The Winter/Spring 2011 issue of Divorce Magazine features three powerful, intimate and enlightening personal divorce stories – all of which are aimed at helping divorcing or divorced people heal from the anger, sadness and trauma of divorce. Two of the stories are from readers, and the third is an excerpt from a book on healing after divorce. All of the stories reflect personal thoughts and insights on the journey through divorce and the recovery process.

Divorce magazine is also calling upon also readers to send in their personal divorce story or their divorce-related artwork for possible publication in the magazine's upcoming 15th anniversary issue, which will be published in July, 2011. Full submission details are available at:

Continuing with the divorce recovery theme, Divorce Magazine's Winter/Spring 2011 issue also features articles to help readers: 

  • Create their new financial identity after divorce
  • Transcend their divorce by changing their beliefs
  • Use shared parenting tips to protect their children
  • Achieve a successful divorce through mediation
  • Find the "middle ground" to communicate better  
  • Experience a peaceful divorce that preserves integrity
  • Get over the emotional barriers that can hold them back

Plus, the issue offers a wide range of information, advice and resources for divorcing people, including: tips from Judge Lynn Toler of TV's Divorce Court on seniors' divorce issues, results from our www.Divorce online poll on infidelity, a list of websites and FAQs for divorcing individuals, an overview of the divorce process, advice on how to work with a divorce lawyer, and much more.

"This edition has something for everyone, at every stage of their divorce," comments Dan Couvrette. "It helps those who are early on in the process and struggling with the confusion and overwhelming emotional stress. It helps those who are in the midst of their divorce, and want to make smart, informed decisions to help them save money, time, and stress, while protecting their children from the fallout. And it helps people who are trying to put their divorce behind them and re-establish their lives, financially, emotionally, psychologically, domestically, romantically, and in all other ways."

The Winter/Spring 2011 issue of Divorce Magazine is available now. Additionally, Divorce Magazine's online knowledge center, located at, contains a wide range of divorce-related articles, news items and other resources. Access is free and no registration is required. 

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