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Father's Day Tips for Divorced Dads and Moms

Father's Day

Divorce Magazine's bloggers – consisting of family lawyers, mental-health and financial professionals, as well as divorced individuals – offer Father's Day tips and advice to separated and divorced fathers and mothers.

TORONTO, ON (June 15, 2017) — Father's Day is supposed to be a celebration of all-things-Dad: a special day to observe and honor the loving relationship between fathers and their children. Father's Day after separation and divorce, however, can be tough – especially if it's the first time the holiday has rolled around after a couple has split up. There's no question that Father's Day will be different this year but "different" doesn't have to mean "dismal".

Whether you're a divorced dad who's hoping to make Father's Day enjoyable for your kids, or a dad who will be spending the day without his children, Divorce Magazine's knowledgeable expert bloggers have some great advice and tips to help you and your kids have the best day possible.

Every divorced parent should know that all reputable research demonstrates that children are better off having abundant access to both parents post-divorce. "Clearly, research demonstrates numerous benefits to children when their living arrangements enable supportive and loving fathers to be actively involved in their lives on a regular basis – including overnights," writes therapist and author Terry Gaspard in This Father's Day, Let's Celebrate Single Dads. "Whenever possible, mothers need to encourage their children to sustain regular contact with their father – such as phone calls, holiday time, and special occasions when separated from him."

Divorce may take a toll on you, but sometimes, it can also offer unexpected opportunities. Deanna Conklin-Danao – a clinical psychologist, collaborative divorce coach, and child specialist – suggests you consider creating some new traditions that foster a deeper connection with your kids in See A Guide for Divorced Dads and Father's Day. "What would be meaningful to your relationship with your kids?" she writes. "Do you bond best when you are doing an activity? Out in nature? With extended family?"

In her Guide To Your First Father's Day After Divorce, relationship expert Jackie Hope Suis offers seven tips to help make the day successful – including "Be Honest with Your Kids," "Do Not Introduce a New Partner on Father's Day," and "Arrange to Talk if you Live Too Far Away to Visit." She acknowledges that every first holiday after a divorce is hard – and if a father only sees his kids on alternate weekends, he might become angry or depressed. "While those reactions are normal, you must be cautious to keep from expressing these feelings too openly with the children," she advises. "Fight for as much time with them as you can, and when you're with them, be joyful and encouraging. They'll remember the time and effort you put into seeing them, and one day, it will pay off with their understanding and devotion for what you went through."

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For more tips and advice about Father's Day during and after divorce, check out the following blog posts:

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