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For Immediate Release - March 6, 2000

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Jane Nahirny, Editorial Director:
Dan Couvrette, Publisher: Expands to Cover North America

On March 6, Segue Esprit Inc. (the publisher of Divorce Magazine and will relaunch their website to provide divorce-related articles and information for the whole of North America. The new will allow readers to choose a US state or Canadian province and find region-specific information -- such as local grounds for divorce -- as well as general-interest features -- such as how to speed emotional recovery from divorce or how to help children through this difficult transition.

There's an urgent need for quality information about separation and divorce. Each year, approximately 2.5 milion North Americans become divorced; there are about 33.2 million divorced people living in North America today, with another 5 million separated individuals in the US alone. And these figures don't account for the millions of people whose long-term "common-law" relationships are breaking down.

"Some issues are common to every divorce -- whether you live in Oklahoma or Ontario," says Diana Shepherd, Editorial Director of Divorce Magazine and "People need to know how to help themselves and their children get through the process with a minimum of emotional scarring, and they need to know they're not alone: that others have experienced the same thoughts and feelings, faced the same challenges, and emerged stronger -- and even happier -- at the end of the process. Our website and magazine try to show people how to have this kind of divorce rather than one that ruins their lives and the lives of their loved ones."

There are also divorce-related issues that can only be addressed on a regional basis: mostly legal and financial matters. "The legal aspects of divorce are completely local, and that's why we decided we had to expand beyond the four regions where we currently publish our magazine," says Publisher Dan Couvrette. The first issue of Divorce Magazine was published in Toronto, Ontario in March of 1996, with editions for Chicago, New York/New Jersey, and Southern California launching over the following 16 months. The website was launched simultaneously with the first printed edition.

The new is the ultimate online resource on divorce, offering information and guidance to people who are separated, divorced, considering a divorce, their concerned friends and family members, and the media interested in divorce-related issues. The expanded site now boasts more than 150 links to relevant websites, 100 feature-length articles, a "Q&A" section featuring advice from respected American and Canadian divorce professionals, and much more. "We don't plan to rest on our laurels," says Couvrette. "This site is going to expand and evolve constantly as laws and issues change, and as we become aware of new products and services to help people through this challenging time."

The mission of both Divorce Magazine and is to have divorce become more humane, civilized, and compassionate, and to help separated and divorced individuals to move from merely surviving to really thriving. "We don't endorse or glorify divorce," says Shepherd. "In fact, we encourage people to explore every avenue for saving their relationship before embarking on a divorce. But there are situations in which divorce is the only answer: if there has been physical or emotional abuse; or if the gulf caused by infidelity, neglect, or completely incompatible goals and morals has grown too wide to bridge."

The new speaks to all North Americans, offering guidance to help people avoid the financial and emotional devastation that accompanies the "divorce from hell."


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