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For immediate release -- January 21, 2008

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Ten must-read articles for divorcing people featured in the January issue of Divorce Magazine

TORONTO -- Divorce can be one of the most confusing and unsettling experiences you can have. It affects every aspect of your life: not just your marital status, but also your family situation, bank account, home life, and emotional stability. How can you deal with this troubling and stressful time?

This month, Divorce Magazine, which has been providing guidance and resources for readers undergoing divorce since 1996, includes a special 24-page section called "Your Essential Divorce Guide". This guide contains important information that everyone going through a divorce needs to know, in ten must-read articles that address your basic legal, financial, and emotional needs.

Among the articles in "Your Essential Divorce Guide":

  • "Your Divorce Team" -- how to find and choose the best team of divorce professionals to help you
  • "Getting Settled" -- what you need to know before creating the final settlement agreement
  • "Creating a Satisfying Life" -- how to take control of your new life and find personal happiness
  • "Is Mediation for You?" -- the potential benefits of this alternative form of dispute resolution
  • "Stress-Busting Tips" -- valuable physical and mental ways to reduce your anxiety levels

The Guide also includes a listing of online resources available at, such as more articles on various divorce issues (from legal and financial topics to issues involving children and health) as well as Frequently Asked Questions answered by divorce professionals -- both in print and on video. is the leading divorce-related websites on the Internet, offering a diverse archive of self-help articles as well as public forums, polls, news stories, and information on local divorce professionals.

We've included some of the must-read articles for divorcing people here:

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