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For immediate release -- April 1, 2008

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Cheating Spouses: Lessons from Eliot Spitzer

TORONTO -- One of the most infamous news stories of the past month throughout North America has been the Eliot Spitzer scandal. What made the story so fascinating to the public was not just the sudden downfall and public humiliation of a respected authority figure; it was also the way it reflected and reinforced the anxieties we all have about our own relationships.

There are many people now, who are cheating on their spouses or partners, who worry about being caught and destroying their relationships. Others are tempted to cross that line because of dissatisfying partnerships. Still others suspect their spouses or partners of cheating and don't know how to approach the subject without seeming accusatory. It's a universal issue that affects so many of us, whether we are cheaters, cheating victims, or just worried about our relationships' stability., the Internet's best divorce-related resources since 1996, offers a selection of articles on Infidelity and Divorce. The site has just added two new articles, inspired by the Spitzer story, which offer practical guidance from experts for both perpetrators and victims of infidelity:

  • "How to Earn Forgiveness and Rebuild Trust after Betrayal", by relationship self-help author Mark Goulston, M.D., offers a list of tips for men who have been caught cheating, on how to regain their partners' respect and save their relationships.

  • From Chaos Commandos founder Robert Mizrahi, "Forgive Him... for Now" has advice for betrayed spouses on how best to plan for possible divorce.

In addition, the same section has a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Infidelity, answered by La Jolla, California couples therapists Steven D. Solomon. and Lorie J. Teagno. Drs. Solomon and Teagno are the co-authors of Intimacy after Infidelity: How to Rebuild & Affair-Proof Your Marriage.

More information on relationship dynamics can be found in the "Relationships" articles section of, as well as in the site's FAQ section.

We've included links to our Infidelity articles here:


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