TORONTO, ON (March 31, 2015) — has just launched a new blog to help separated and divorced people cope with the challenges of divorce. It features blog posts by experts – including a former judge, family lawyers, divorce mediators, therapists and counsellors working with separated and divorced individuals. 

Current posts include Get Over It, a monthly advice column from lawyer and author Christina Pesoli. In her first post, she answers the question: “My New Boyfriend Is Still Married. Is That a Deal Breaker?” She responds: “For reasons more pragmatic than principled, I am opposed to people dating before they are divorced. Simply put, dating has a zero percent chance of making a divorce go smoother, and a bazillion percent chance of making it more contentious. Even I can do that math.”  

Family lawyer Mark B. Baer offers Family Law Matters Must Be Handled With Care, in which he writes: “It is easy to cause someone to feel shame, bitterness, and a betrayal of trust, when family law matters are involved. If the individuals involved happen to have children together, regardless of their age, care should be taken to try and not generate such destructive and toxic emotions. In addition to the harm that such emotions and actions leading to those emotions cause to interpersonal relationships, they also increase the level of conflict and distrust, which has a significant impact on the work involved and thus the cost of the proceeding.”

Founder of the Changing Marriage Institute, therapist Susan Pease Gadoua contributes an interesting post on how to use journaling to help push emotions through mind and body to aid divorce recovery: Aid Your Divorce Recovery By Choosing the “Write” Tool. “There is relatively new scientific evidence that shows how writing actually moves the activity in the brain from the amygdala (where fight, flight and freeze live) to the pre-frontal cortex where higher functioning resides,” she points out. “Time still has to pass in order to heal, but there’s no question that writing can make the healing happen faster and on a deeper level.” Each month, Susan will be offering a new prompt for readers to write about. 

Other new posts include:
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