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For immediate release: September 11, 2008

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Divorce Magazine launches new Collaborative Divorce Guide

TORONTO – Divorce Magazine and, which have provided first-rate divorce information and resources for over 12 years, have launched the Collaborative Divorce Guide, which is available for free in many Collaborative Divorce practitioners' offices throughout North America.

"We support Collaborative Divorce as an option because divorcing parties should have at least two primary goals," says Dan Couvrette, the publisher and CEO of Divorce Magazine and Divorce Magazine. First: to divorce as amicably as possible; nobody wins a battle. Two: if the divorce is complicated at all (due to children and assets), people need professionals to make certain their best interests are being taken care of. The Collaborative Divorce process helps achieve both of these goals."

Collaborative Divorce was invented in 1990 as a better way to resolve divorce cases, as opposed to battling in court. It's a dispute-resolution alternative in which both spouses and specially trained collaborative lawyers negotiate the settlement outside the courtroom (along with neutral financial and/or mental-health professionals), with an agreement that the lawyers must resign if negotiations break down. Collaborative Divorce has since caught on as a less adversarial, less stressful method of divorce.

"We've produced the Collaborative Divorce Guide to help increase awareness of the process and to help divorcing people understand how it works," Couvrette adds. The Collaborative Divorce Guide offers information and practical guidance for people considering the collaborative method as an option, as well as other articles about easing the divorce process in general.

Among other contents, the Collaborative Divorce Guide includes:

  • an exclusive interview with Pauline H. Tesler, the co-founder of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and a pioneer in collaborative law
  • guide to the collaborative four-way-meeting process, by Collaborative Divorce founder Stuart G. Webb and fellow leader in the Collaborative Divorce field Ronald D. Ouskey,
  • information on creating a financial settlement, and
  • how to break the news to your children.

"It's a radical and revolutionary agreement for divorcing couples and their attorneys," Webb and Ouskey wrote in their book The Collaborative Way to Divorce. "The majority of couples... stand a good chance of preserving what's still positive in their relationship and their relationships with their children." Tesler calls Collaborative Divorce "the most powerful [divorce] model in terms of getting creative, lasting solutions that work for kids as well as adults".

You can view the Collaborative Divorce Guide here ( and find more articles on collaborative divorce here:

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