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For immediate release-- July 28, 2008 

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Celebrity Divorce Attorney Offers Advice on

TORONTO – announces a new series of articles by Stacy D. Phillips, one of L.A.'s most revered family-law specialists. Phillips will pen a series for advising divorcees on how to "get, gain, assume, and maintain" control of their divorce.

"Stacy Phillips is one of the most astute lawyers practicing family law," says Dan Couvrette, the publisher and CEO of Divorce Magazine and "She understands not only the law but, equally, the dynamics of human beings and human interaction. Her series on the subject of control holds a mirror up to divorcing people, so they can better understand what drives them and gives insights and tools to better manage themselves and their divorce."

Culled from the closing chapter in Phillips' popular book, Divorce: It's All About Control—How to Win the Emotional, Psychological and Legal Wars, the author will not only advise but assign the reader a series of questions to answer—queries that will help a person determine whether he or she is in control or has relinquished control to his/her recent ex.

In the first installment, Phillips discusses how to "get" control. She poses her questions with a summation of sage suggestions as to what to do if the reader has answered "yes" to any of them. The following three segments in this series will feature tips on how to "gain, assume, and maintain" control. Each installment in the series focuses on how a person going through a divorce can become empowered and centered, offering the reader an opportunity to do some soul-searching and also provide some solid advice as to how to get back on track.

"I can think of few instances in life other than divorce when a person feels utterly out of control," Phillips explains. "The purpose of this four-part series is to help people manage their feelings and circumstances—despite the turmoil and suffering they are no doubt experiencing... People are overwrought with the changes and chaos that a divorce can produce, but if they keep their senses, they stand a good chance of moving through that tumultuous time."

Over the past 25 years, Stacy Phillips has seen her share of divorcees who have lost control. While many of her clients are professionals and homemakers, others are celebrities. That group has a disadvantage, says Phillips, because often the most private details of their lives are played out in the media. Helping those clients stay in control is what Phillips does best, unless she is forced to litigate for a client (and her impressive track record attests to her prowess in court). has been the leading divorce-related website since 1996, offering a diverse archive with thousands of pages of self-help articles as well as public forums, polls, and information on local divorce professionals. Launched in 1996, Divorce Magazine is North America's only magazine devoted entirely to divorce, published twice a year with six regional editions full of helpful articles as well as guides to local divorce professionals.

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