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For Immediate Release - January 22, 2001

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Jane Nahirny, Editorial Director:
Dan Couvrette, Publisher:

About Divorce Magazine &

DIVORCE MAGAZINE and speak to the heart of the issue at the time when the changes caused by divorce are taking place. Divorce can be the single most stressful and traumatic event in a person's life; people read the magazine and visit the website because they provide information, support, and guidance readers can trust when they need it most.

Launched in Toronto (Canadian edition) on March 18, '96, in Chicago (IL edition) on August 12, '96, New York (NY/NJ edition) on December 10, '96, and in Los Angeles (CA edition) July 8, '97, Divorce is a magazine designed to help people cope with this transition. The website was launched simultaneously with the first edition of the magazine; since 1996, has undergone three major redesigns as well as an expansion from covering four states and one province to the whole of North America in 2000.

The magazine and the website share a mandate: to provide a unique, friendly resource of vital information and timely advice to help readers survive -- and even thrive -- during their separation and divorce.

Experts in the areas of family law, finance, real estate, children, relationships, and emotional and physical health offer sound, practical advice readers can use. The combination of local and national editorial and advertising -- and the interactive features (such as the "Quick Polls," bulletin boards, Dr. John Gray's "Mars & Venus" advice column, and Dr. Pat Love's advice column) on the website -- make Divorce Magazine and the best resources for people facing the challenges of divorce and separation.

In addition to the stories offered in the printed magazine, the website also offers daily news features, an area for divorce professionals to post articles and advice for their peers, as well as a section on divorce statistics compiled from both government agencies and private organizations.

Principals Dan Couvrette and Diana Shepherd started the magazine because they recognized a void in the world for easily accessible information and support for people going through divorce. Couvrette and Shepherd saw an opportunity to build a business by making a positive difference in separated and divorced people's lives -- and in the lives of children of divorce. The magazine and website have both received an overwhelmingly positive reception in North America and around the world.


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