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For Immediate Release - October 19, 2006

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Toronto, ON -- Ten years ago, individuals who reached out for help during separation and divorce often came up empty handed. That's why Divorce Magazine and were founded, according to CEO and Publisher Dan Couvrette: "Since 1996, we have proudly produced the industry's only divorce magazine and Google's top-ranked divorce web site," he says. Developed to inform, educate, and support divorcing people with divorce-related articles, news, exclusive interviews, and helpful resources, the web site and magazine are regionalized to serve divorcing people in their own areas. The magazine offers six local editions throughout North America, while surfers can choose any U.S. state or Canadian province to learn more about the divorce process and resources available in their area.

Divorce rates haven't changed significantly over the past decade. The divorce process, however, has evolved in many positive ways which Divorce Magazine and have been credited with helping to promote. In most cases, divorce is less adversarial today and more mindful of children and their welfare. New alternate dispute resolution processes such as Collaborative Law and mediation are growing in popularity, providing more peaceful alternatives to bitter, contested divorces. There's also more support for divorcing people and their families from specialized divorce professionals, including accountants, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, therapists, and life coaches. In short, there is the hopeful realization today that divorce can be a new beginning rather than a tragic ending. "From the outset, we at Divorce Magazine and have consistently encouraged divorcing people to seek the least acrimonious path possible for their own sake as well as that of their families," says Couvrette. "We help them see that there's life after divorce."

With the advent of the Internet and the large number of books on the subject that have been published in the last 10 years, the amount of information available today about divorce can seem overwhelming. Divorce Magazine and will continue to be there to help decipher the legal and social changes for divorcing people, says Couvrette: "We sift through all the new information and present the best resources, advice, news, and views available anywhere through Divorce Magazine and" The 10th anniversary edition of Divorce Magazine was published in July and coincided with the launch of the newly designed The web site expands its online community, encouraging divorcing people to share their questions and insights with others going through the divorce process. New editorial will be added to the site on a more regular basis, and it will now be easier to navigate and connect with divorce professionals. "It's all part of our ongoing commitment to help divorcing people through this challenging life event," says Couvrette.

Divorce Magazine and to support Generation "Ex."

For more information or to book an interview, please contact:

Dan Couvrette
CEO and Publisher,
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