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West Virginia Divorce Law: Grounds for Divorce

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West Virginia Divorce Law
What are the grounds for divorce in West Virginia?

A divorce may be granted in West Virginia divorce law for any of the following grounds:

  1. For adultery;
  2. When either of the parties subsequent to the marriage has, in or out of this state, been convicted for the commission of a crime which is a felony, and such conviction has been final;
  3. To the party abandoned, when either party willfully abandons or deserts the other for six months, as determined under West Virginia divorce law;
  4. For cruel or inhuman treatment by either party against the other, which includes reasonable apprehension of bodily harm, false accusation of adultery or homosexuality, conduct or treatment which destroys or tends to destroy the mental or physical well-being, happiness and welfare of the other and render continued cohabitation unsafe or unendurable: Provided, That under no circumstances shall it be necessary to allege or prove acts of physical violence in order to establish cruel and inhuman treatment as a ground for divorce, as decided as per West Virginia divorce law;

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