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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce
  • "My spouse owns a successful company. Now that we're getting a divorce, what kind of expert should I hire to appraise the company?"

    CPA David Fox answers: "A forensic accountant should be retained to appraise the company. In divorce cases, forensic accounting services typically include the following:

    1. Performing complex business appraisals;
    2. Calculation of income available for spousal and child support;
    3. Tailoring the discovery devices to obtain all of the documents necessary in your case;
    4. Attending and assisting the attorney at depositions;
    5. Clarifying and uncovering tax liabilities of the parties;
    6. Discovering false or misleading financial statements and records;
    7. Tracing separate property funds;.."

  • "What percentage of marriages or relationships will be affected by infidelity?"

    Couples therapist Steven Solomon answers: "There is no exact number for the rate of infidelity in our society. However, the sad truth is that whatever the figure is, infidelity happens far too often.

    Our best estimates, which come from studies done in the last five to ten years, reveal that 45-50% of married women and 50-60% of married men engage in extramarital at some point in their relationship. So somewhere around half of all Long-Term Love Relationships (LTLRs) are marked by this ultimate betrayal.

    Sometimes when people engage in an infidelity they tell themselves that they had no choice, that their marriage was so bad, that their spouse drove them to it..."

  • "When there has been infidelity what are the chances of the couple staying together?"

    Couples therapist Steven Solomon answers: "The chances of a couple staying together after an infidelity are better than most people think. Many of us tell ourselves and our partner that “It’s over,” if they ever cheat on us. But when confronted with the stark reality of infidelity most people don’t find it so cut-and-dried. In fact, that’s a big part of why we wrote our book, Intimacy After Infidelity, because in working with couples dealing with infidelity we found that many of them not only stay together, but do rebuild their LTLR so that they’re happier together than they ever were before the infidelity. Its hard work, but they’ve taught us that it can be done.

    It has been reported that 60-75% of couples who have experienced a betrayal stay together. However..."

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